If you are a business who wishes to collaborate please contact me.  I can provide a whole host of services, content for your own website or social media platform.  I welcome all charities too and offer a free service for this.

I am a lover of testing anything child/parenting related but also encourage all brands who provide any sort of excuse for me to treat myself as well - to get in touch, immediately!

I hope to focus on building long term relationships with brands that I truly believe in, rather than promoting an overload of different companies whom I have very little knowledge of.  My view is not to throw products or services onto my readers, rather to incorporate it into my everyday filming and writing as we use these services and products ourselves.

Be aware that I am a pet hater of people being paid to advertise products (gimmicks) that are quite frankly sh*t.  I plan to build both a trust and respect between myself and my readers and therefor to do not take kindly to dishonest advertising.  I am also equally as offended to hear of bloggers willing to advertise or represent products or services that they haven't actually tried.  Please do not contact me if you expect me to do any of the above.

I do however absolutely LOVE hearing from people who have incredible services or products to offer and find it a great privilege to be a part of their journey.  It is always a delight to think I can help others using a platform I've created by doing just that, so please if you fall into this category - hit the link below and lets build a beautiful working relationship!

I don't bite but I may talk a great deal.  I am after-all a mummy who spends 99% of her time in four walls with children who aren't quite at adult conversation levels!  I am that person who tells the check out girl my life story, twice over.